Emmanuel & Tani Boateng are the owners of United People Apparel (UPA) and Ahenfo, which were inspired by their experiences growing up in Jamaica and Ghana and later immigrating to the United States. A passion for sharing culture as a way to bring people together is at the core of their entrepreneurial spirits. Their UPA brand celebrates diversity and cultures while uplifting fashion; while their brand Ahenfo gives you a passport experience to Ghana and various parts of Africa with their handmade jewelries, artworks, apparels, and wood carvings. At the heart of Ahenfo and UPA is the motto “Out of Many One People,” and throughout their ventures, the Boateng's found the strength to pursue their passions with a belief in the power of their ability to PUSH: “Persevere Until Success Happens.”

While growing up in Ghana, Emmanuel was taught to embrace his culture’s past, present and future. Honoring those who came before and allowing their strength and perseverance to be a guiding light to his future. While growing up in Jamaica, Tani was taught to embrace the same principles as her husband but the one thing that always stood in the center of all the principles was their motto, “Out of Many One People.” Migrating to the US opened an unknown door for us. Growing up in the US as immigrants, we faced various challenges, and obstacles that somehow groomed us into who we are today.


United People Apparel a.k.a. UPA, a clothing brand rooted in the things that unites us all.

QUALITY . FIT . STYLE at the core of each product.

Our design process is inspired by the unification of all people by common decency and the positive global impact it would bear in multi-cultural advancement. Uniting people through fashion.



They say descended from greatness. Renowned in Strength, Wisdom, and Purpose, they called us AHENFO (ah hen foh). Ahenfo, a term coined to describe the expressions of ROYALTY through individuals that seeks to uplift and enhance cultures. Ahenfo profoundly encourages noble living by creating designs that champions our exclusivity while celebrating distinctions.

ROYALTY. FIT . STYLE at the core of each product. 

Ahenfo originates from our deepest desire to bring awareness of who we truly are as people; Kings and Queens of our destiny.