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United People Apparel + Ahenfo

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United People Apparel a.k.a. UPA, a clothing brand rooted in the things that unites us all.

QUALITY . FIT . STYLE at the core of each product.

Our design process is inspired by the unification of all people by common decency and the positive global impact it would bear in multi-cultural advancement. Uniting people through fashion.



They say descended from greatness. Renowned in Strength, Wisdom, and Purpose they called us AHENFO (ah hen foh). Ahenfo, a term coined to describe the expressions of ROYALTY through individuals that seeks to uplift and enhance cultures. Ahenfo profoundly encourages noble living by creating designs that champions our exclusivity while celebrating distinctions.

ROYALTY. STRONG. FIT at the core of each product. 

Ahenfo originates from our deepest desire to bring awareness of who we truly are as people; Kings and Queens of our destiny.