In unification of what our brand Ahenfo and United People Apparel has been doing, we are launching a newly formed Non-Profit called Urban Pillars. We realize that the lack of knowledge is hindering a vast group of individuals from reaching/achieving their full potential. Urban Pillars aim to work together with philanthropists, local community organizations across the Twin Cities and other parts of the world to bring more awareness whilst creating paths for an impactful future.

We are currently looking to connect and partner with institutions, community leaders, and professionals in various fields to give profitable and sustainable information, donation, direction, and services to elevate education and adequate life skills within communities across the world.

Our goal missions are simply, transform followers into leaders, Transform leaders into Agents of Change.

 We just don’t want to wear a title; we want to make a DIFFERENCE.

We just don’t want a position; we want to make an IMPACT.

We just don’t want to be respected; we want to demand TRANSFORMATION.


That is the assignment of Urban Pillars 


Ahenfo & United People Apparel has partnered with the Love Foundation Club.

 The Love Foundation Club or LFC was founded by Philanthropist Marcus Love A. Naazii at the age of 16 years old. Reaching the hearts of many, LFC is a youthful charity organization dedicated to the dream of alleviating hunger, streetism and poverty especially among children in Africa.
Since 2017, Ahenfo & UPA has been a proud sponsor of LFC and has dedicated a portion of our annual profits to assist in their mission of alleviating poverty throughout Africa. In 2021, United People Apparel open its first store in the Mall of America. Stop by our store to learn more or click or visit one of LFC’s social media sites.

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